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1. Attend a Louisiana State Police (LSP) approved course. Click Here to Register

2. Complete the LSP Online Permit Application.

         Documents you will need to upload to your LSP Online Permit Application: 

              - Copy of State Issued Drivers License or ID Card
              - Copy of Proof of Training

              - 3 Notarized Affidavits & LDH Form (Found Here)

              May Be Required If They Apply To You-
              - Copy of Most Recent DD-214
                (Needed if you have been honorably discharged from US Armed Forces)
              - Copy of Medical Summary Form (Completed by your Physician)
              - Copy of Divorce Decree (Needed if you have been divorced)
              - Copy of Court Minutes (Needed if you have been arrested)


3. Obtain 2 FBI Fingerprint Cards: (Click Here to see an example)

                      - Fingerprints may be done at: 

                                      - Sheriffs Department (Not all may conduct fingerprinting)

                                      - Police Department (Not all may conduct fingerprinting)

                                      - Louisiana State Police Headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA

                                              Louisiana State Police Headquarters
                                              7919 Independence Blvd
                                              Baton Rouge, LA 70806

*Note: We recommend that you drive to LSP Headquarters to have your fingerprint cards done and you can also drop them off to the Concealed Handgun Permit Unit after you are done. This will eliminate about 3-4 months of wait time. We have had students receive their permit within 8 days of submitting their online application and also due to them driving to LSP Concealed Handgun Permit to do drop off or have their fingerprint cards done there.*

*There is a normally a fee for agencies to do fingerprinting.*

*Fingerprint cards must be mailed to LSP Headquarters within 15 days of completing online permit application*


4. Mail your completed fingerprint cards to:

                     Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Permit Unit
                     P.O. Box 66375
                     Baton Rouge, LA  70896

5. Once LSP has received your fingerprint cards, you will receive an approval email. In this email will be a link to pay for your permit. Once you have paid for your permit, they will start the background check portion of your permit application.

6. Once your background check has been completed, you should receive an email stating that you should receive your permit with in 10-15 business days.

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