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“First time experience, Instructor takes his time and makes each student feel as if he/she is the only one in class”

~C. Jolivette – Rayne – July 2020


“I’ve been wanting to take Mr. Nelams’ class and finally got to! Great teacher and hospitality! Made the class enjoyable and comfortable, definitely will be referring friends and family here. Thank You!”

~S. Thomas – Grand Coteau – July 2020


“I’ve been shooting for a long time. Mr. Nelams really taught me a lot of what I didn’t know”

~T. Marshall – Opelousas – July 2020


“I highly recommend this instructor, best class I have had.”

~R. Olivier – Cankton – July 2020


“The instructor was very professional and answered all questions the class had. The instructor made a long day and a lot of information fun.”

~T. Savoy – Church Point – July 2020



“It was a very awesome and helpful class. I will recommend it to any and everybody. This class gives you a lot of knowledge and answers the questions you always think about but don’t know who to ask. Exceeded my expectations.”

~I. Papillion – Church Point – June 2020


“I’m glad I chose to attend the concealed weapons class at Louisiana Secure Sights with Instructor Phillip Nelams. He was very professional and informative using real life situations to educate concealed weapons course qualifications and guidelines.”

~M. Carriere – Church Point – May 2020



“My whole family took the class and we all enjoyed the training and shooting involved. Very professional and very educated training. I would recommend the class to anyone.”

~M. Olivier – Church Point – March 2020


“I really couldn’t get over how patient and helpful Phillip was when I was shooting, it really helped me a ton, and I am very thankful for that.”

~M. Savoy – St Amant – March 2020


“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this class was amazing. Everything was explained in detail during class and the instructor made sure we felt safe during the range portion. Great class!”

~A. Guillory – Church Point – March 2020


“Phillip provided a very comfortable facility for the concealed handgun carry class, as well as providing us with the necessary information needed for our certification.”

~D. Vidrine – Church Point – February 2020


“Very informative. Phillip made the full day of training go by quickly because of his knowledge. Awesome lunch and hospitality. Outstanding class.”

~L. Bearb – Church Point – February 2020


“I loved how absolutely everything was so well explained, from the fundamentals of gun safety down to all the legal side of everything, highly recommend 10 out of 10.”

~H. Theriot – Opelousas – February 2020


“I’m very glad I decided to take this class. It was more informative than I thought. I wouldn’t want to carry a firearm without learning these things first. Mr. Phillip was an excellent instructor.”

~S. Maricle – Ville Platte – January 2020


“This class was great. I’ve learned a lot about guns and how to use them safely. I have a better understanding on how to protect myself and everyone around me.

~H. Hebert – Delcambre –January 2020

“The class was very educational and helpful in many ways. Very happy that I came.”

~D. Douglas – Opelousas – June 2018

“Instructor was knowledgeable and well versed, presented the information so everyone could understand.”

~R. Broussard – Sunset – June 2018


“Even though I’ve taken a concealed carry course for my original permit, I decided to renew my permit. It was well worth the time investment as many new topics were covered with a very engaging delivery.”

~J. Olivier – Church Point – May 2018


“This class would be great for beginners or if you are just refreshing up. Mr. Phillip is great, funny, and gives hands on experience. I would definitely refer him to family and friends.

~J. Davis – Scott – May 2018


“Phillip was knowledgeable, professional and very informative on gun safety, concealed carry laws, and self-defense situations!”

~N. Dooley – Carencro – November 2017


 “Excellent class, knowledgeable instructor, great facility. He shows true concern for safety and consequences of actions right or wrong. Most important to me he started the class with the Pledge of Allegiance.”

~L. H. – Church Point – July 2017


“I liked the instructional part, did not realize all that was involved. It made me think harder on the responsibilities of concealed carry. Glad I attended this class.”

~D. Quebedeaux – Lafayette – July 2017


“Very informing. Learned new things. Every question was answered and clarified. Great environment and will definitely refer!”

~V. L. – Leonville – July 2017


“The instructor’s ability to clearly and precisely explain all the information and details involved in concealed carry and handling the gun for a first time shooter was amazing. I truly felt like I was learning throughout the entire lesson. Outstanding Class!”

~M.M. – Mamou – July 2017


“I feel that I learned more than at another training. This course should be taken by any person planning on owning any type of firearm.”

~A.W.M. – Mamou – July 2017


“Phillip conducts a very professional and totally informed classroom environment. He prepares you in full for concealed carry awareness.”

~M. U. – Ville Platte – June 2017


“I would recommend this class to everyone. Great Job!”  “Awesome class! Everything done in a very professional manner. Would recommend to everyone.”

~Mr. and Mrs. G. – Breaux Bridge – April 2017


“I am amazed at the patience Phillip had with me. I am scared of guns but, I am leaving with a lot more confidence.

~D. D. – Lafayette – April 2017


“I took my concealed handgun class today. I want to thank Mr. Phillip Nelams for the wonderful class. I learned a lot I didn't know about carrying a firearm. If you're looking to get your concealed handgun permit, this the class you need. Affordable, and he examples everything you need to know. Thanks again Mr. Nelams.”

~D. Charles – Rayne – Mar 2017


“I enjoyed my class session with Phillip. He was also very professional and any questions asked he had a great response. I recommend this class to everyone.”

~J.  Roberie – Ville Platte – Mar 2017


“Awesome class! Great instructor. If you are interested in getting your concealed carry permit, I highly recommend this instructor.”

~T. Paul – Oakdale – Mar 2017


“This by far was the best gun class I've taken! The small class setting conditions allow even the shyest of people to feel comfortable asking questions and learning. I have 4 adult children and will encourage each of them to take this class. The knowledge you get from this class is outstanding! I will recommend Phillip of Louisiana Secure Sights to all that I know!”

~S. Gardner – New Iberia – Feb 2017


“I have interpreted several gun safety and conceal weapons classes and this is by far the BEST class to take!! Very professional, informative, nice pace, and equal accessibility for everyone! Philip goes way beyond exceptional in providing for clients' needs, and Shelley cooks a delicious lunch! Located in a safe, clean, and quiet country side town! Definitely will refer everyone I know looking for a great experience to Louisiana Secure Sights!”

~N. Castille – Church Point – Feb 2017



 “Phillip is an excellent instructor.  He is very passionate about having his students walk away from his class with the skills to become safe and responsible gun owners. His classroom setting is very comfortable and professional and his teaching style makes you feel at ease. He encourages class participation whether you are a first time gun owner or a professional. His presentations are very informative and designed to make you think about the responsibility you must exercise when you handle a weapon. His website provides you with all the information you need to complete your CHP application. While shooting at the range Phillip is definitely a hands on instructor. He gives you clear instructions on what he expects everyone to do and takes his time getting you ready to shoot, all while maintaining everyone's safety. After taking this class you will feel more confident in your ability to safely and responsibly handle your weapon. We highly recommend taking your Concealed Handgun Permit class with Phillip.”

~Robert & Gwen Deshotel – Ville Platte – Oct 2016

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